Machining Shop Services

Machine Shop
Our Colorado machining experts have the capability to take your simple one off project and machine it to your tight tolerance on our manual machines or we are ready to go into production to save you time and money on our computerized lathe and mill.


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Manual Lathe-     40” swing X12’ Bed Length
24” swing X 10’ Bed Length
21” swing X 8’ Bed Length
18” swing X 8’ Bed Lengh

Manual Mill-        11”X60” Bed Bridgeport

Radial Arm Drill-    60” Arm Lenght with up to 3” Drill Diameter

CNC Lathe-        13”swing X 26” length

CNC Mill-        20”Z X 40”Y X 60”X


Mazak Mill (Colorado Machining Shop Services)

20 x 40 x 20 CNC Milling Capacity

(Colorado Machining Shop Services)

20 x 40 x 60 Milling Capicity

CNC Lathe (Colorado Machining Shop Services)

12″ Swing x 24″ CNC Lathe

Inspection Room (Colorado Machining Shop Services)

Our Mil Spec Inspection Room

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